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If it hadn't been for Cotton Eyed Joe,
I'd been married a long time ago.
I will find him.
And I will kill him.

"If It Hadn't Been For Cotton-Eyed Joe" is a "Cowboy" themed TTRPG hack of "One Page Cowboy RPG" by KintaroTPC inspired by a tweet from Shirts That Go Hard

Cotton Eyed Joe has stolen the love of your life. And it appears, based on the others at this here table, he has stolen the love of others lives, too. What's this guy's deal? How does he go around stealing other people's significant others? And how are you and these other folks gonna work together to make sure that this rapscallion pays for what he has done? 

While this TTRPG is "Cowboy" themed and inspired, it is not exclusively meant for traditional Western cowboys (or even for your characters to be boys). There are many archetypes one can select within the world of cowboy: including the classic variety, soggy (pirate), plague (medieval/fantasy), and space. You can play it your way in a variety of settings - just make sure that Cotton Eyed Joe gets his comeuppance. 

This was made in less than 12 hours for Lame Jam 20. Please go show KintaroTPC some love for the original One Page Cowboy RPG, too! Enjoy! :) 


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Hi does this come with Friends included?


It doesn't come with the download but I think it's streaming on HBO Max

This is one of the best things I've ever seen with my earthly eyes.


Thank you, gamer